Intra-Articular-Athenavis-Syringes-2ml-1-Piece 29,50 EUR*


  • Kategorie: Arznei- & Heilmittel
  • Preis: 29,50 EUR*
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 4,03 EUR (12,02%)
  • Marke: IBN SAVIO Srl
  • Händler: Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
    Farmacia Loreto Gallo Germany
Zum Angebot Athenavis Intra Articular EC medical device, class III. Indicated for the reduction of pain and stiffness in pazientiaffetti from degenerative conditions post-traumatic joints sinoviali.Contiene 1% Sodium Hyaluronate highly purified (20 mg sodium salt...